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Dosing aims to be between 20-25mg per person unless otherwise requested.

Oil infusions are hand-crafted from 99% CBD isolate.


Gourmet Pizza Bar

Cabbage, jalapeño, roasted cauliflower, cilantro-lime oil

Butternut squash, pesto, gorgonzola, fresh lemon-arugula salad

Thin-sliced potato and eggplant, curry sauce, cilantro, yogurt drizzle 

Classic marinara, mixed veggie and/or pepperoni

Classic Hawaiian


Gourmet Mac and Cheese Bar

Spinach, artichoke heart, sheep’s feta, basil

Italian sausage, gruyere, ricotta, kale, parsley

Grilled corn, poblano chile, chorizo, cotija, sweet onion

Mushroom, kale, chèvre, bacon

Classic cheddar and jack with choice of bacon, prosciutto, or ham


Roasted seasonal veggies with infused garlic-herb confit olive oil


Build-your-own Salad Bar with Infused Dressings



Balsamic, red wine, and champagne vinaigrette

Green goddess


Ice cream sundae bar with infused fudge, caramel, and mixed berry sauces

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