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Fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, toast, coffee and tea available daily.

Oatmeal and coconut-chia pudding bowl bar with toppings:

blueberries, bananas, dried fruit, coconut flakes, nuts, seeds, nut butters, yogurt,

sweeteners, dairy and dairy-free milk, etc.

Quiche bar (variable herbs, vegetables, cheeses) with roasted herbed potatoes

Butternut squash, bacon, yam and apple hash with buttered cornbread and honey

Toast bar with avocado, nut butters, jams, soft cheeses, greens, six-minute eggs, berries, banana

San Francisco sourdough-kefir pancakes with real maple syrup, plain yogurt, berry compote

Continental breakfast with homemade granola, homemade gluten-free vegan muffins,

artisanal bread, bagels with cream cheese and gravlax



Build-your-own or grab-and-go lunch bags with:

Choice of Wrap:

-cobb salad with turkey bacon, egg, gorgonzola, and green goddess aioli

-ham, pear, brie, arugula

-BBQ tofu and vegan cucumber-radish slaw

-southwest black bean with avocado and chipotle aioli

-potato chips

-crudites with homemade hummus

-fresh fruit

Build-your-own Bun Cha Hanoi Bowls 

-gluten-free rice noodles, 

-fish-based nuoc cham, vegan peanut sauce, hoisin, sriracha

-stir-fried broccoli, carrot, bok choy, onion

-choice of steak/shrimp/pork belly and tofu

-baby lettuces, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro, jalapeño, pickled carrots, and daikon radish

-pineapple salsa

Taco Bar

with black and refried beans, Abuelita's Mexican rice, grilled squash, pollo cocido, pico de gallo,

guacamole, curtido-style cabbage and carrot slaw, queso fresco, and cotija 

Quinoa “superfood” salad with crispy chickpeas, kale, yam, lentils, scallions, parsley

served with pita chips, seared halloumi, grapes with mint and feta 



 Each dinner features a big green salad with rotating ingredients and vegan dressings. 

Turkey-feta meatballs and baked falafel with pomegranate quinoa tabouleh,

Israeli salad, warm pita, tzatziki-style yogurt sauce, and tahini

Spanish paella-style rice with bell pepper, crispy green beans, peas, saffron,

lemon zest, optional shrimp and linguica sausage, pintxo bar with baguette, tomato, manchego,

soft cheeses, olives, anchovies, cured meats

Roasted chicken with kumquat, blood orange and a garlic-herb coulis,

creamy sweet potato-adobo-lime soup topped with toasted pepitas and sunflower seeds

Chimichurri steak or mayacoba beans with baked Patagonian potatoes,

salsa criolla with lime

Slow-cooked chicken and eggplant vindaloo, curried lentil dal,

brown and jasmine rice, creamy coconut saag with fried paneer

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