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Modern American

Mini sandwiches (2 types):

-Turkey, tomato, dijon, arugula

-salami, brie, fig jam, mixed greens

Fruit and berry cups

Caesar salad cups with croutons

Green goddess salad cups 

Crudite and cracker platter with hummus and ranch



Pesto fettuccine pasta cups with grilled chicken, roasted corn, poblano, arugula, fresh basil

Vegan penne puttanesca pasta cups with parm on the side

Strawberry balsamic salad cups

Watermelon-mint salad cups

Fresh mozzarella bites with EVOO and fresh oregano

Bruschetta Bites 


Southeast Asian

Vegan summer roll halves with peanut sauce

Shrimp skewers

Tamarind BBQ tofu skewers

Bun cha Hanoi salad cups

Pad Thai cups

Sesame cucumber salad cups



Chicken kebab skewers

Baked falafel bites

Pita chips with hummus

Pomegranate quinoa "tabouleh" salad cups with roasted chickpeas, parsley, mint

Israeli cucumber-tomato salad cups

Cheese and olive platter

Tahini and labneh on the side



Chicken, squash, and chard skewers

Black bean, cucumber, and red pepper salad

Mexican rice

Elote pieces with lime mayo, cilantro, cotija, and no cotija

Tortilla chips with avocado salsa, pico, sour cream

Warm corn and flour tortillas

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