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Sourdough banana-walnut tea bread

Sourdough zucchini tea bread

Crepes with sweet (strawberry, honey ricotta, slivered almond)

and savory (spinach, mushroom, prosciutto, chevre) 

Quiche with cherry tomato, garlic scapes, gruyere, and chard with a side of mixed berries

Deconstructed Benedict (six-minute eggs, rosemary hollandaise, smoked salmon,

wilted spinach, sliced tomato, homemade sourdough)


Tahini Caesar (vegan dressing) w crispy chickpeas or chicken and whole Spanish anchovy

Braised cod with tomato, gochujang and lime,  roasted miso bok choy

Tuna and hard-boiled egg salad nicoise with green beans, crispy potatoes, champagne vinaigrette 

Pad Thai with tofu or shrimp, peanuts, cabbage, carrot,

cilantro, basil, bean sprouts, lime, egg, homemade tamarind sauce

Steak or grilled halloumi “shawarma” with fresh cucumber, shredded lettuce,

and cabbage, tomato, mint, parsley, roasted carrots with chermoula, homemade hummus

Fish filet of choice, steak or grilled tofu en escabeche with a side of mixed greens

with radish, corn, peach, and lime

Lao Hu Cai (“Tiger Salad”) with spring mix, shrimp or tofu,

toasted cashew, pickled plum, and nectarine, rice vinaigrette

Mezze platter with homemade hummus, babaghanouj, vegan baked falafel bites,

crudites, olives, toasted pita chips

Fresh spaghetti (or pasta of choice) and ricotta-herb meatballs

with marinara, pesto, or puttanesca

Seared salmon with lemon-herb labneh, cold bulgur wheat or quinoa pilaf

with pistachio, almond, cara cara orange, parsley

Summer ceviche with corn, avocado, bell pepper,  grapefruit, cherry tomato

with fresh tortilla chips and refried black beans

Fresh lobster rolls with mesclun greens,  buttery grilled corn, and shishito peppers on the side

Shrimp and grits with mascarpone, parmesan, and fig, asparagus with citrus gremolata 

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