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Protein smoothie of the day: Cashew, banana, rotating fruit, greens, Greek yogurt,

non-dairy milk, rotating add-ins (bee pollen, chlorella, spirulina)

Hard-boiled eggs

Toast bar with avocado, butter, nut butter, seasonal jam, goat cheese

Overnight oats and chia pudding

Seasonal fruit



Vegan fall hash with yam, apple, potato, pepper, onion, herbs

Poached eggs

Local bread

Fresh fruit


GF/Vegan Muffins and Pancakes 

Real maple syrup, berry compote

Scrambled eggs 

Fresh fruit


Potato “Chilaquiles” with homemade salsa, fresh corn, radishes

Fried eggs

Refried black beans



Summer Squash, Herb and Goat Cheese Scramble

GF/vegan muffins

Fresh local bread

Fresh fruit



Egg and roasted chickpea shakshuka

Fresh hummus and crudite

Sheep’s feta

“Fattoush” salad with pita



Buddha Bowls with quinoa, brown rice, wheatberries

Roasted veggie medley

Greens and raw veggies

Proteins: seeds, lentils, hard-boiled eggs, seasoned beans

Dressings: avocado, tahini, vinaigrettes, green goddess, shiitake-sesame


Sandwich and Wrap Bar

Cheese variety

Egg and tuna salad

Spreads: hummus, aiolis, tapenade

Fresh veggies
Roasted veggies

Local bread, wraps


Baked Falafel Bites

Quinoa tabouleh with pomegranate

Yogurt sauce, tahini, feta

Greek salad



Snack Bar (available all day)

Homemade trail mix

Nut butter and jelly sandwich bar

Fresh fruit




Fresh pasta/“zoodles” with puttanesca (anchovy, olive) and marinara

Local bread


Roasted local summer vegetables in olive oil

Tahini Caesar salad


Poached Salmon with lemon and dill

Celeriac- parsnip mash

Seasonal vegetables

Arugula with tarragon dressing


Cod Ceviche

Summer chopped salad with black beans, corn, tomato, cucumber, cilantro

Blue corn tortillas

Cabbage salad with avocado-lemon vinaigrette and grapefruit


Roasted Eggplant and peppers with shrimp, harissa and mint

Lemon-herb couscous with olive oil

Green salad with cucumber, tomato, toasted almonds

Coconut vegetable curry (vegan or with seafood) with summer snap peas and mushrooms

Brown and white rice

Fresh pineapple

Cucumber salad with vinegar, onion and peanuts


“Paella” with tomato and saffron (vegan or seafood)

Charred green beans

Green salad with artichokes, potatoes, red wine vinaigrette

Cheese and olive platter


Baked Salmon with walnut-arugula pesto

Rosemary root roast (potato, parsnip, beet, onion)

Broccolini and cauliflower with lemon 

Spring mix with balsamic vinaigrette

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