Honey mustard chicken, pan sauce, winter veg, rosemary


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As a native of the east San Francisco Bay Area, I grew up steeped in a rich culinary culture. Home to an incredibly diverse international food scene and iconic institutions like Chez Panisse, Tartine and The French Laundry, the East Bay has been credited as the birthplace of the slow-food movement and one of the great culinary meccas of the USA. My farm-to-table craft is heavily influenced by my California upbringing, and it's been wonderful to bring such richness in style and palate with me to New York City.To me, food is a wonderfully creative art form that is constantly evolving.


My signature offering of "heartfelt haute cuisine"  is defined by stunning and elevated fare prepared with love. I love fresh and innovative twists on classics, paying homage to impeccably honed recipes and flavors from around the globe, and hand-picking the highest caliber ingredients sourced locally and sustainably. I use pasture-raised animal products and seasonal local ingredients whenever possible, and I relish in fully from-scratch cooking, making all my own sauces, dressings, fermentations, stocks, and jams. 

I bring to the table almost fifteen years of professional experience in a wide variety of capacities in New York, the Hamptons, San Francisco, Berkeley, and Silicon Valley. I always bring my personal touches of warmth, hospitality, and joie-de-vivre to the proverbial table- whether, at a catered event, a restaurant consult or a private home. As a result I've become the trusted go-to culinary resource for a wide variety of clients including families large and small, CEOs, celebrities, Silicon Valley VIPs and the NYC and Hamptons elite.  What's more, my passion for people and philosophy of cooking as an act of love make me outstanding in the field of private culinary arts. 

I mainly service the New York City and surrounding areas, but I love to travel. I'm fully insured and retain multiple food safety certifications. Some of my influences include Yotam Ottolenghi, Melissa Clark, Frank Prisinzano, Ayesha Nurdjaja and Ina Garten. All chef portraits courtesy of Eddie Hernandez and Micole Rondinone!